About Us

AfroWema is an ethical and sustainability fashion brand born in Kibera (Kenya), the largest slum in Africa which contributes to the empowerment of artisans in this community and the creation of new jobs. Together, we can show the world the amazing things done from Africa! Let’s together save the planet with style.


Save the Planet with Style


Sustainable Development Goals

AfroWema develops its work trying to promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

  • No poverty: we target a vulnerable community and support them
  • Gender equality: we promote gender equality and empower women from Kibera
  • Decent Work and economic growth: we promote inclusive, sustainable, and decent work for our artisans
  • Responsible consumption and production: we promote sustainable consumption and production patterns

Our Goals

We are a Social & Sustainability Brand
  • Create job opportunities in Kibera, to promote dignified conditions to those who were born in challenging areas. We provide humane working conditions, health care, and fair wages for our collaborators.
  • Contribute to a circular economy, we give a new life to denim garments and brass bought in the markets around Kibera. By creating upcycled products, we are minimizing the volume of discarded materials and waste being sent to landfill each year, reducing the air and water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and contributing actively to the conservation of global resources.
  • Create a school in Kibera, where children of Kibera can go and learn to sew and create upcycled items. We want to change their lives by providing them access to education and other resources. AfroWema wants to help them break out of the shackles of poverty.
  • Promote the African culture worldwide, we want to promote the amazing Kitenges and products made in the African communities. Show to the world the African proud of this amazing and colorful culture.


Kitenge, Brass & Denim
  • AfroWema produces amazing clothes and accessories using Kitenge, which is a 100% cotton fabric originally imported from the Netherlands but that is nowadays strongly connected to Kenyan Identity. All our fabrics are sourced from local small businesses in Kenya.
  • One of our great goals is to give a new life to old clothes, and for that purpose, we upcycle denim garments, using Kitenge. By doing this, we are not only reusing old denims bought on local markets (and contributing to the local economy) and donated by NGOs, but we are also reducing our waste once we use remains of kitenge from the production of other items from our collections.
  • Our artisans produce unique 100% handmade jewellry pieces from old brass from local markets and upcycle them into gorgeous accessories.

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