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Frequently Asked Questions

Travelers coming to Africa are often beset by worries for their safety, health and the reputation of the tour operator they're traveling with. Our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) usually include:

Q: Is it safe to travel in Africa?

A: The most visited countries in East Africa like - Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda - are really quite safe to visit. If you adhere to the basic principles, like you would in any large city anywhere in the world, like: not carrying valuables in plain view, keeping cameras hidden and not go about walking alone at night - you should be safe and sound. Be aware of onlookers and make use of hotel safety deposit boxes. Travelers with tour operators/groups are the least at risk and self-drive clients are advised to plan in advance which routes they wish to travel and to get all of their destination information ahead of time. If traveling by car, make sure the doors are locked at all times and that no bags or purses are left on passenger seats. While on safari in the bush, the only dangerous creatures are wild animals. The people are gracious and hospitable in those areas.

Q: Do you offer private safaris over and above the safaris advertised on your website?

A: Yes, we certainly do but we do not advertise private safaris as each is custom designed. If you would like to travel alone or with a friend or spouse or your own group, we can arrange a private safari for you. In this case we will rework a costing depending on your group size and we can also tailor an itinerary. We can look at different dates if need be or you can book the same set departure dates as advertised on my website but just have it run as a private safari.

Q: When is the best time to travel to East Africa?

A: East Africa is a safari destination so you would want to travel during the dry months. The long rains are from early April through to early June, and there are short rains from late November through December. It is often less expensive to travel during the long rainy season. Dry seasons offer excellent game viewing and more reliable road conditions, and game tends to congregate around the limited water sources, making the animals easier to find. July and August are generally extremely busy in East Africa, offering comfortable temperatures in addition to being a popular time for travel world-wide so be sure to book well in advance.

Q: Is it safe to drink the water?

A: It is safe to drink the tap water in most African countries. Tap water in hotels and at other lodges in East Africa is also safe to drink, but bottled water is available in shops if you prefer. If you are ever in doubt, stick to bottled water. Our safari vehicles carry drinking water at all times. Bottled water is supplied at all the main camps and lodges.

Q: Do you require Insurance whilst traveling in Africa?

A: All travelers should be adequately insured against all eventualities and circumstances. This applies anywhere in the world. There are many companies offering travel insurance, so ask your travel agent to recommend the best one for you. Vessel Africa Safaris carries full public and passenger liability insurance on all of our safaris at all times.

Q: What is the typical number of people on one of Vessel Africa safaris?

A: We run with small groups of a maximum of 10 clients on all of our scheduled safaris which makes for a more personal and flexible safari experience for all. We do cater for larger groups for private tailor–made safaris. The camps we make use of are mostly small and intimate, geared around personal service and comfort and are very luxurious. These camps cater to between 16 and 24 guests. Larger, less expensive game lodges have between 50 and 100 rooms.

Q: What is the typical day like while on safari?

A: On one of our semi–participation camping safaris we usually depart from camp at about 8 am on transfer days. The day is broken up by stopping at different points of interest, like seeing bushman painting etc en-route. We will arrive at our new camp in the afternoon and will do some sort of game activity like going on a sunset game-viewing cruise. We usually spend two nights at each point of interest so that you don't feel like you're in the safari vehicle all the time. For more details please ask for one of our detailed itineraries. On our flying safaris you will have an early start to the day / light breakfast / early morning game drive (+- 2-3 hours) / beverages and biscuits on game activity / late morning hot & cold full brunch / rest period / tea & savories / afternoon game activity with sundowners & snacks / generous dinner in evening, usually in boma (open air, enclosed dining area with large fire and fine dining under the stars.

Q: What different types of Safaris does Vessel Africa Safaris run?

A: We run the following different types of small group safaris:

  • Scheduled semi participation mobile camping safaris
  • Tailor-made semi participation or non participation mobile camping safaris: We can tailor–make a camping safari to meet your departure dates, group size, itinerary and budget.
  • Flying Safaris either making use of tented camps or lodges

Have the flexibility to travel and go where you want to. We'll supply the vehicle, detailed plan and map and make your accommodation bookings and you'll drive yourself.

Q: What type of vehicles does Vessel Africa Safaris use?

A: On our scheduled and well as private safaris, you will be traveling in on Toyota land cruiser 4x4 vehicle, which offers excellent visibility and outstanding photo opportunities. On larger group private safaris we make use of Toyota Overland Safari trucks or Midi buses.

Q: Do you tailor–make safaris for groups and or individuals?

A: Yes we can tailor–make a safari for an individual or for larger groups.

Q: How far in advance should I book my safari?

A: It is better to book as far in advance as possible to ensure availability at the time you wish to travel (4-6 months), especially during the peak seasons (July & August and Christmas/New Years). This is especially important for those wishing to travel on private custom safaris and those adding extensions to scheduled safaris.

Q: Can I use a credit card to pay for my safari?

A: We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express for your safari deposit.

Q: What are the terms when booking a safari with Vessel Africa Safaris?

A: Click here to view our Booking Terms and Conditions.